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“Jason Serious was a great surprise. Despite my scepticism regarding country music in the broadest sense, Jason and his Band succeeded in winning over the audience. This certainly was in part due to the harmonic refrains, which Jason sang with his Australian Banjoplayer and which sometimes gave the listeners goose pimples, Jason went down so well with the audience that he was even asked for an encore.”

Other Lives Live Review : Comet Club Berlin – Iophobia



Americana (AUS) Berlin, Germany

Singer, Songwriter, Banjo, Guitar, Lap Steel, Harmonica



I have become a great lover of Americana. My time performing and writing this music whilst playing the banjo, acoustic guitar, lapsteel and harmonica has deepened this love and passion for the genre.

My aim now is to write Traditional Melodies that are deeply rooted in Americana. Songs such as "Outdoor Furniture". Sung from the perspective of a man who is kicked out from his home, who is singing to his former lover, begging her not to let her new lover use any of the household items they purchased together.

Or the anti-hero folk tune "Mary Bell on Cipralex". Inspired by the true story of English girl Mary Flora Bell. Who in 1968, when 11 years of age, was convicted of manslaughter due to the strangulation and death of two young boys in Newcastle, England. The lyrics ponder the question, asking the child if she believes she was guilty or simply just a product of her environment.

Rather than taking an old song and making a version of my own by crossing and mixing genres. I'm enjoying sticking to a formula, writing lyrics and music that can be easily mistaken for a classic country, blues, gospel or folk tunes.











Rüdiger Helbig - 5 String Banjo


I was a student of this Award winning European Bluegrass Pioneer in Munich, Germany from 2011 to 2013. In this time Rüdiger tutored and mentored me in the art of playing Earl Scruggs Style 5 String Banjo.  


Jason Serious Band - 2011 to 2013


Playing 5 String Banjo and sing vocal harmonies with the Munich based American artist Jason Serious, and together as a member of his band toured extensively through Germany, England (Truck Festival, Maverick Festival 2013), Netherlands, Italy and Ireland. Also supporting such well known acts as Other Lives and Billy Bragg.


Madbomberinlove 2004 to 2009


Frontman, singer songwriter for this Munich based Country/Punk/Indie outfit. Recording one self titled EP in 2006 and Album "Gods Mangy Dog" in 2008.



Article in the SZ June 2013

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